Office Closed

Answering Calls While Office is Closed to the Public

In an effort to keep our workers and customers safe, we have closed our office to the public. We are still here answering phones etc. so please feel free to call. We are doing what we can to help avoid the spread of Coronavirus but still provide our plumbing services. If you have a plumbing … Read more

Plumbers Protect the Health of the Nation

COVID-19 Plumbers Identified as Essential Critical Workers

Here to Fix Your Plumbing Needs These are some strange and unprecedented times. The news is full of COVID-19 updates. Throughout it all, our plumbers are here to help you. Plumbers are identified as ‘Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers’ in Guidance for Response to COVID-19. Read about it here: We are here for you.


Growing the Business with Diversification of Services and Teamwork

Making Changes To Serve Better When an Idaho plumbing business makes changes to best serve its customers and employees, that makes people sit up and take notice. When you add in work ethics, family, and training, you have a winning combination. Recently, Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Service was featured in the May 2019 issue … Read more

Service Truck No. 10

Service Truck No. 10 Getting Ready for Service

Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Service is currently in the last stages of preparing our new Service Truck #10 to get out on the road to service the Treasure Valley.  This will be our fourth plumbing and drain cleaning service truck.  With the high demand for service here in this great Treasure Valley, we are doing our best to provide our customers with the fastest and best service they deserve. 

Plumbers Protect the Health of the Nation

Plumbers Protecting the Health of the Nation

The importance of the plumbing profession is greatly misunderstood. In history, the Romans were credited with developing the first plumbing systems; however, it would be several more hundred years before scientists discovered the threat of the bacteria and disease that existed in the unfiltered water of the Roman public baths.

TVPD Fleet of Trucks

Journeyman Plumber Achievements

Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Service (TVPD) has had two Journeyman Plumbers graduate in the last year, Jeremiah Brown and Chase Neill, both of which started working with TVPD as 1st year Apprentices.

Staff of TVPD

Our Business is About Helping Others

When we started our business in 1985, there was no way of knowing the effect that our small team could have. We began with a sewer and drain cleaning team of no more than 3 people and a single service truck and a septic tank pumping pump truck.

TVPD Staff Member

Eric Ramirez – Plumbing Apprentice

The latest Plumbing Apprentice joining our team is Eric Ramirez, Michelle Alaniz’s son. He lives in Payette with his family and he loves to play basketball and football. Eric went to Weiser and Payette High Schools. Eric came to work for TVPD at the first of the Summer to try out plumbing. He is 16 … Read more

Truck No. 8

Pipe Rack Upgrade

Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning’s Truck #8 got an upgrade this week. The old pipe rack was falling apart and becoming dangerous, so we replaced it with a newer BSU Blue, powder coated pipe rack.

Staff Member

Jeff Swope – Plumbing Apprentice

Jeff Swope came to work at Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Services in February 2016. Previously, Jeff was in the customer service in the HVAC industry.

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