Super Camera Inspections

Camera Inspections Let You See What's Down There...

Camera Inspections with our Ridgid SeeSnake which we affectionately call our "SuperCam", give you a bird's eye view of the inside of your sewer line, to see what, where, and why you are having drain problems.  This up-close, critical SuperCam examination of your sewer line will save time and money in solving your drain problems.

"Tour de' Sewer" camera inspections show the exact location of your pipe and will save the time and expense of excavating your yard.  Our SuperCam will inspect pipes 3" to 6" in diameter.

Take the "Tour de' Sewer" Camera Inspection with our SuperCam

    • Location of drain lines for up to 200 feet of sewer line
    • Determine Pipe type
    • Depth & and length of lines
    • Determine Pipe size
    • Video Diagnostics -Condition of Pipe
    • Septic Tank Location and Inspection
    • Locate objects (Diamond Rings, toys, etc.)
    • Locate leaks and broken lines

SuperCam Inspections Can Save The Day

Whether you have dropped something into the drain, have a stubborn clog, or your water or sewer lines break, we can help . Just give Treasure Valley Plumbing & Drain Service a call today.

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