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Ring Found In Drain Pipe

Another Wedding Ring Rescued

August 25, 2016

Last week TVPD received another frantic call from a Lady in Vale, Oregon, who had accidentally dropped her very expensive diamond ring down her sink drain.  They had taken the P-trap off under the sink, hoping to find it stuck in there, but the P-trap was empty.

When she called TVPD, she was very upset.  Dave told her to not run any more water and our guys would be out soon.  When our Techs arrived, they ran a camera down the 2″ drain line from the clean out and found the ring was still in the small drain and had not been washed into the 4″ main sewer line yet. Using a small piece of tubing with a hook on the end, they watched on the camera monitor as they were able to get the ring on the hook and pull it back through the clean out.

Needless to say, the customer was VERY HAPPY to have her ring back on her finger.  Our success rate for retrieving wedding rings lost down sink drains is 3 for 3.  We get them EVERY TIME.




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TVPD Staff Member

Brian Gladhart – Journeyman Plumber

May 1, 2016

Brian Gladhart - Journeyman PlumberBrian Gladhart joined TVPD in March 2016 after 17 years as a journeyman plumber in a mobile home factory.

Brian lives in Midvale, is married to Kathie and has three children. He serves as the Pastor of Indian Valley Community Church and is very involved with his community and church.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with the family.

We are grateful to have Brian as part of our team of fantastic plumbers, and has been a great addition to our Construction Crew here at TVPD.


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Truck No. 8

Pipe Rack Upgrade

April 14, 2016

Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning’s Truck #8 got an upgrade this week.  The old pipe rack was falling apart and becoming dangerous, so we replaced it with a newer BSU Blue, powder coated pipe rack.

Truck No. 8Joel, the Crew boss, is a big fan of BSU, and said now he just needs the truck to be painted ORANGE.  I think we’ll keep it white, but thanks for the suggestion, Joel!

All you big fans of TVPD, Honk and Wave at our trucks as you go by.  Thanks to all of our great customers, you’re the BEST!!



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Staff Member

Jeff Swope – Plumbing Apprentice

March 6, 2016

Jeff Swope - Plumbing Apprentice

Jeff Swope came to work at Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Services in February 2016.  Previously, Jeff was in the customer service in the HVAC industry.  We are excited to have Jeff join our team as a Plumbing Apprentice and knew he would fit right in.

Jeff has been a long time friend of the family and lives in Fruitland with his wife and two daughters.  They enjoy all outdoor activities like camping and fishing, and they are big Football fans. Preparing their daughters for a successful future is their goal.  Jeff says he’d like to retire someplace where there are NO Flies!! Good luck with that one, Jeff!

Jeff Swope is starting his first year of plumbing apprentice school in Fall 2016, and we are glad he has joined our fantastic team of service techs.

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On Demand Hot Water Heater

NAECA 2015 and What You Need To Know

June 1, 2015

New Water Heater Energy Factors Now In Effect

On Demand Water Heater
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On April 16, 2015, the Department of Energy (DOE) made effective its new energy efficiency mandates, as part of the National Appliance and Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). This update will affect all household appliances manufactured for sale in the U.S., and Canada will soon follow in their implementation of similar energy efficiency upgrades.

New water heater energy factor (EF) requirements went into effect as the result of updates to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act (NAECA). These requirements call for higher energy factor (EF) ratings on virtually all residential gas, electric, oil, and tankless gas water heaters, completely altering the water heater landscape. NAECA 2015 also affects some light-duty commercial water heaters.

How NAECA 2015 Will Effect the Homeowner

Homeowners are the winners from the new efficiency regulations, as energy and money savings can be considerable with the new compliant water heating products.

  • In most cases, the new water heating products differ only slightly in size due to additional insulation (1-2 inches in diameter, and/or 1-2 inches in height), and therefor will easily replace the majority of existing products.
  • Some of the NAECA 2015 product options will require the incorporation of an electrical feed, venting, or condensate disposal into an installation where none of these factors existed with the original water heater.
  • In rare cases a water heater may have to be moved to a new location if available space is inadequate, or a different type of water heater may be required in order to meet the new EF guidelines.
  • Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Service, a professional plumbing contractor, understands the new guidelines, knows all the product choices available, and will be able to make a recommendation that best meets your home’s and family’s needs.
  • You’re in good hands with TVPD…we know all the best product choices you need, and which products will perfectly fit your household.

We carry a comprehensive line of NAECA 2015 products to meet your needs.

Electric and Gas Water Heaters Are Now Broken Down into 2 Size Categories

  1. Various Sizes of Electric Water Heaters
    Copyright: alexlmx / 123RF Stock Photo

    20 to 55 gallon; and,

  2. 55 gallon and larger.

Water Heaters Under 55 Gallons

  • The height of a new unit with the same gallon capacity as an existing unit may be two or more inches taller
  • The diameter of a new unit that has the same gallon capacity as an existing unit may be two or more inches wider
  • For units under 55 gallons, add a minimum of three or more inches when planning the space
Replacement Options
  • For installations where space is not an issue, units of similar gallon capacity but larger in physical size can be installed.
  • For installations where space is an issue, a similar unit with smaller gallon capacity may be installed or a unit with different technology may be a good option.

Water Heaters Over 55 Gallons

  • Water heaters that are larger than 55 gallons will undergo the biggest changes. They may require more space or potentially switching models.
  • All residential electric models over 55 gallons must be of the Hybrid Electric heat pump water heater type design
  • All residential gas models over 55 gallons must be of the condensing water heater type design

How The Energy Factor (EF) is Calculated

The Energy Factor (EF) indicates a water heater’s overall energy efficiency based on the amount of hot water produced per unit of fuel consumed over a typical day; the higher the EF, the more energy efficient the water heater. EF is measured in three ways:

  1. Recovery efficiency—how efficiently the heat from the energy source is transferred to the water.
  2. Standby losses—the percentage of heat loss per hour from the stored water compared to the heat content of the water (water heaters with storage tanks).
  3. Cycling losses—the loss of heat as the water circulates through a water heater tank, and/or inlet and outlet pipes.

The plumbing contractors at Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Service are here to assist you in determining the best high efficiency water heater for your needs and budget. Contact them today to learn how you can save money on your new water heater.

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Treasure Valley Plumbing Crew and Building

Celebrating 10 Years

May 6, 2015

Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning logoWOW…how times flies. May 1st was our 10th year Anniversary as a Plumbing company.  30 years ago we moved to this area and started a sewer & drain cleaning company, which remained a small family business until 10 years ago, after Jerry completed his Plumbing school and became a Journeyman Plumber, we jumped in with both feet and became a full-service Plumbing and Drain Cleaning company.

We sent two more sons-in-law to plumbing school and started bringing them on, one by one, as our small family business grew to a bigger family business.  We also brought on Cody Rollins, who has now been with us for 9 years.  We survived through the recession and have continued to grow to now having a total of 15 employees, counting the owners.  We have 5 Journeyman Plumbers and 5 Apprentice Plumbers, 2 Backflow Testers, 4 Master Drain Cleaners, and 3 Administrative ladies.

We are very proud to have our great team of workers here at TVPD and appreciate their hard working and honest attitudes.   They are what keeps us going and we want them to know how important they are to us.  Thanks TVPD team, for all you do.

We also want to thank all of our customers for supporting us.  We appreciate your continued loyalty and we are committed to providing professional and honest Plumbing & Drain cleaning service.

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After - Main Office Station

Office Remodel

April 23, 2015

In December of 2011, we built the office here in the front of our Shop on Whitley Dr.  At the time, we only had 3 Journeyman Plumbers and Katie & Maurine were the only ones in the office and we had plenty of room.  Over the last couple years, the business grew, the number of employees grew, we acquired a couple of new businesses, and the workload for Maurine & Katie became overwhelming.

In January 2015, we hired Michelle in the office and started re=organizing the administrative workload to better handle the growth of the business.  We quickly discovered that we didn’t have the desk space we needed to efficiently do our jobs.  We petitioned for our office to be remodeled for 3 full-time spacious workstations.

In April 2015, we undertook an office remodel to accommodate all three workstations, and to be more efficient.  We ordered more desk cabinets and had RVP Construction come in a measure for Quartz desktops that would give us more room for our Computers and more counter space to accommodate our workload.

We tore out the old countertop and added a complete wrap around Quartz countertop that gives us much more space and helps with efficiency and work flow.

We all love our workstations now and are a lot more efficient in our work.  Thanks Dave and Katie for the beautiful office remodel.

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Michelle Sullivan - Administrative Assistant

Michelle Sullivan – Administrative Assistant

April 23, 2015

Michelle Alaniz - Administrative AssistantIn January 2015, Treasure Valley Plumbing hired a new administrative assistant, Michelle Sullivan. She has been a wonderful addition to our team and has proven to be an amazing asset to the office. She is doing a fantastic job, has great people skills, and speaks Spanish.

Michelle was a CNA for the last 21 years and wanted a change in her life.  She lives in Payette and has five children and one grandchild.

We are so glad she joined our team here at TVPD.  Welcome, Michelle!

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William Roland

William Roland – Plumbing Apprentice

March 10, 2015

William RolandIn April 2014, Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning hired William Roland as one of their Plumbing Apprentices. He was working as a Sheriff Deputy in Weiser and was looking for a change. He already had two years of Apprentice Plumbing under his belt.

He lives in Payette, Idaho, with his wife Jennifer and their two children. We are proud to have Will as part of our fantastic team of plumbers.

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Chase Neill - Plumbers Apprentice

Chase Neill – Plumbing Apprentice

March 10, 2015
Chase Neill - Plumbers Apprentice
Chase Neill – Plumbers Apprentice

In May 2014, Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning hired one of their youngest Apprentice Plumbers yet. Chase Neill joined the team before he graduated from High School.

He grew up in Payette and was a star athlete in Football, Wrestling, and Track all throughout High School. He still lives in Payette with his family.

Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning is happy to have Chase as part of our team and seems to fit in very well with the rest of the crew.

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