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Speaking on Business

October 11, 2011

Speaking on Business Exclusively at Zions Bank Zions Bank has an exclusive program called Speaking on Business where local businesses are recognized through current marketing and advertising strategies.  Treasure Valley Plumbing & Drain Service has been chosen to participate in the Speaking on Business program and is featured in a 2 minute radio spot highlighting the positive qualities and aspects of our business. Speaking on Business with SBA Loans for Small Businesses When a national bank takes the time to get to know their business customers, magical things happen…like a business thrives which causes a ripple effect. At Zions Bank,...

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Tree Roots

June 13, 2011

Tree Roots Find Their Way Into the Sewer Line 60 Feet of Tree Roots Found in Drain Pipes Our guys have been trying to beat the record in our company for the longest tail of TREE ROOTS pulled from a sewer line.  The record for the last few years has been between 20-25′. The Record for the Longest Tree Root Has Been Broken About a month ago,  Jerry and Chad were working on a sewer line and hooked onto a 60′ tail of tree roots.  Needless to say, that is our company’s new record and the customer has a free-flowing...

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Diamond Ring

Lost Ring Down the Drain

June 13, 2011

Diamonds Are Meant To Be Forever We received a distraught call from a young lady.  She had turned around to flush the toilet and her expensive diamond engagement ring had slipped off her finger as she flushed and went down the toilet.  She was crying.  She was getting married next week and was very worried about telling her fiancé. Into the Toilet Went the Diamond Engagement Ring We headed to the place, removed the toilet and determined the ring was not there and probably down the sewer line.  We brought in our camera and ran it down the line.  The...

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