Plumber and Plumbing Services

Plumber and Plumbing Services

The Master Journeyman Plumbers and Technicians of Treasure Valley Plumbing & Drain Service provide clean, friendly, and professional service to all our customers.  Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to solve your plumbing problems in a timely manner.

Plumbing Problems Never Too Big or Small

No plumbing problem is ever too big or too small for our plumbers to solve. Whether its installation, repair, replacement, or relocation of piping or fixtures, we can take care of your plumbing problem.

    • Residential—
      • New Construction
      • Remodels and additions
      • Repairs and relocation of fixtures
      • Replacement of old fixtures
      • Replacement of old piping
      • Replacement of sewer and drain lines
    • Rental Properties—
      • Single Family dwellings
      • Multi-family dwellings
      • Apartment buildings
    • Fixtures—
      • Toilets and Bidets
      • Sinks and Faucets
      • Tubs and Showers
      • Jacuzzi Tubs and Hot Tubs
    • Disposals—
      • Installation, Repair, or Replacement
    • Hose Bibbs—
      • Installation, Repair, or Replacement
    • Hot Water Recirculation Systems—
      • Installation, Repair, or Replacement
    • Frozen Pipes—
      • Thawed and Insulated
    • Basement Sump Pumps—
      • Installation, Repair, Replacement

    • Drinking Fountains—
      • Installation, Repair, or Replacement
    • Piping (Water or Waste)—
      • Repair or Replacement
    • Light Commercial—
      • New Construction
      • Remodels, Repairs, and Additions
      • Relocation and Replacement of Fixtures or Drain lines
    • Water Heaters—
      • Installation and Service
      • Repair,  Replacement, or Adjustments Made
      • Elements Replaced
    • Water Heater Temperature and Pressure Relief Valves—
      • Installation, Repair, Replacement, or Drain
    • Water Softeners—
      • Installation, Repair, Relocation, or Replacement
    • Reverse Osmosis System—
      • Installation, Repair,Replacement, or Filters Changed
    • Tankless Water Heaters—
      • Installation, Repair or Replacement
      • Thermostats Repaired or Replaced
    • Sewage Ejector Pumps—
      • Installation, Repair, or Replacement
    • Plumbing Code Violation Corrections
    • Total House Water Shut-Offs—
      • Installation, Repair, or Replacement
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