Our Crew with Our Fleet of Trucks Set Us Apart

Our Plumbing and Drain Service Sets Us Apart From the Rest

What sets us apart are our Plumbing and Drain Services, our customer service, our level of expertise, and our state-of-the-art equipment.

When you compare Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Service to other plumbing and drain service companies, consider these things when it comes to choosing a plumbing company:

  • Customer Service—Our customers are our Top Priority.
  • Professionalism—Over 100 years of combined experience in plumbing and drain cleaning.
  • Honesty—We tell our customers what we will do, and then do it.  We give our customers good quality service for a fair price.
  • Highly Trained—Our Plumbing Techs are licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable in drain cleaning, plumbing, backflow prevention, water quality, construction, repairs, and remodels.
  • Superior Equipment—Our "Super Truck" has the capabilities of drain cleaning, sewer line inspections and locations, hydro-jetting, and service plumbing repairs of almost any kind.
  • Neat and Clean—Our Plumbing Techs are neat and clean, and they make sure your home is protected by placing work pads in the work area, and cleaning the area after work is completed.
  • Safety Minded—Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and Background Checked for your peace of mind.
  • Friendly and  Helpful—Our Plumbing Techs are very friendly and happy to be of service, always helpful with advice and tips for your plumbing questions.
  • Same Day Service—We make every effort to provide fast and expedient service.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed—Fast, professional service at reasonable rates.
  • Free Estimates—We're just a phone call away to help you plan for costs upfront.

We Take Our Job and Reputation Seriously!

We are a humble bunch of plumbers and drain cleaners wanting to take care of your plumbing and drain service needs.


Our Mission

Treasure Valley Plumbing & Drain Service is a business built on service experience and expertise delivered to our customers with the highest degree of professionalism, quality of workmanship, and cleanliness, in a timely manner and at a fair price.

Our Vision

Our Company will be at the top, both owners and employees providing people of the Treasure Valley, the highest quality of plumbing solutions, experiences, and conveniences. Serving the Treasure Valley since 1985 and in the Future.


Cultural Statement:

  1. Commitment - I will be 100% committed to my Faith, my Family, and my Business. I will work to make TVPD successful. Our partners, employees, and customers are of highest importance.
  2. Ownership - I am responsible for my actions and my attitude. I will learn and strive to keep them Positive and going upward.
  3. Integrity - I will be honest and trustworthy. I will communicate with partners, customers, and associates in a Positive way that strengthens our business. I will speak in an uplifting manner with good intentions in public and in private. I will discuss concerns in private with the person involved. I will greet and say goodbye to people using their first names.
  4. Excellence - Our path will be to ALWAYS improve service, use the best quality of products, and extend a higher value for all involved with our business.
  5. Success - I will surround myself with people, situations, events, and attitudes that allow me to believe and feel what I can truly accomplish.
  6. Education - I will learn, read, experience, work to know more, learn from others mistakes, help Team members, associates, and customers with our knowledge & expertise.
  7. Teamwork - I will do my part in business and in life to become a team player and a leader, to achieve the goals and dreams of the team, to work together, and to ask for help when needed.
  8. Systems - I will strive to establish solutions that correct problems before correcting people. I will follow systems that work and change those that don't to better the business.
  9. Fun - I will create an environment of love, fun, happiness, and enjoyment around family and business, to balance the spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual aspects of our lives, bringing optimum joy for all on our journey. I will plan, organize, and prioritize my assigned tasks, put forth the effort and actions necessary to bring success to the business.
  10. Gratitude - I will be grateful for all I have been blessed with. I will say "Thank you" and show appreciation for everything and everyone in my life. I will consistently strive to do what is right and make positive and honest decisions in my life. As I give abundantly to those who are around me and in my life, abundance will come back to me.
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