Celebrating 10 Years

Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Cleaning logoWOW...how times flies. May 1st was our 10th year Anniversary as a Plumbing company.  30 years ago we moved to this area and started a sewer & drain cleaning company, which remained a small family business until 10 years ago, after Jerry completed his Plumbing school and became a Journeyman Plumber, we jumped in with both feet and became a full-service Plumbing and Drain Cleaning company.

We sent two more sons-in-law to plumbing school and started bringing them on, one by one, as our small family business grew to a bigger family business.  We also brought on Cody Rollins, who has now been with us for 9 years.  We survived through the recession and have continued to grow to now having a total of 15 employees, counting the owners.  We have 5 Journeyman Plumbers and 5 Apprentice Plumbers, 2 Backflow Testers, 4 Master Drain Cleaners, and 3 Administrative ladies.

We are very proud to have our great team of workers here at TVPD and appreciate their hard working and honest attitudes.   They are what keeps us going and we want them to know how important they are to us.  Thanks TVPD team, for all you do.

We also want to thank all of our customers for supporting us.  We appreciate your continued loyalty and we are committed to providing professional and honest Plumbing & Drain cleaning service.

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