Lost Ring Down the Drain

Diamonds Are Meant To Be Forever

We received a distraught call from a young lady.  She had turned around to flush the toilet and her expensive diamond engagement ring had slipped off her finger as she flushed and went down the toilet.  She was crying.  She was getting married next week and was very worried about telling her fiancé.

Diamond Ring

Into the Toilet Went the Diamond Engagement Ring

We headed to the place, removed the toilet and determined the ring was not there and probably down the sewer line.  We brought in our camera and ran it down the line.  The screen showed the ring lying in the bottom of the 4” sewer pipe about 5’ down.

Lost…BUT Not Forgotten

We decided to try the following solution: Hold the camera a few inches back from the ring and slide a shop vac hose down next to the ring.  We were able to watch down the pipe as we slid the opening of the hose next to the ring and turn it on.  The vacuum sucked the ring back out of the pipe and into the vacuum.  The Bride-to-be and our boys from TVPD were all smiles.  She was actually smiling and crying.

We put our equipment away and decided to give this service as a wedding present.  She cried some more.  It was a great experience for our company.

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