Journeyman Plumber Achievements

Treasure Valley Plumbing and Drain Service (TVPD) has had two Journeyman Plumbers graduate in the last year, Jeremiah Brown and Chase Neill, both of which started working with TVPD as 1st year Apprentices.

A journeyman plumber has completed at least a 44-year apprenticeship program required to work alone. Additionally, they must pass an examination that tests their plumbing knowledge and training.

Journeyman plumbers are licensed to work with water and drainage systems in residential and commercial settings. This includes installing and maintaining sewage disposal and gas lines, as well as kitchen, bathroom and laundry fixtures or appliances.

Additionally, a journeyman is required to complete continuing education with a required number of hours and courses needed as a condition for license renewal.

Congratulations Jeremiah Brown and Chase Neill!


At TVPD, we know that all of our employees are good, honest, hardworking workers who possess good attitudes and high standards of professional workmanship. However, it's particularly important to recognize Jeremiah and Chase for their accomplishments.

Their hard work and dedication to the industry's standard should not be taken lightly. We are proud to have them on our Team as Leaders and Professionals.

Jeremiah Brown - Journeyman Plumber

Jerimiah started with TVPD in July 2013 as a first year Apprentice and worked hard for 4 years staying at the top of his class. He tested this last fall and received his Journeyman Plumber License in November 2017. He has become a fantastic Service Leadman and does a great job of training the Apprentices assigned to him.

Jerimiah Brown

Chase Neill - Journeyman Plumber

Chase started with TVPD in May of 2014 as a first-year Apprentice. He has done an awesome job through his 4 years of schooling and graduated in (MONTH) 2018. He is preparing for his Final Exam test and will soon receive his Journeyman Plumber License. He has been doing a fantastic job as an Apprentice and his crew is one of our top performers.


Chase Neill

Professional Journeyman Plumbers

We are so proud of the Plumbing Professionals they have become and the growth they have achieved with our Treasure Valley Plumbing Team.

Rest easy and feel comforted knowing that when TVPD solves your plumbing and drain issues, they will be solved by well-educated and professional journeyman plumbers like Jeremiah and Chase.

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