Our Business is About Helping Others

When we started our business in 1985, there was no way of knowing the effect that our small team could have. We began with a sewer and drain cleaning team of no more than 3 people and a single service truck and a septic tank pumping pump truck.

We have grown tremendously over 33 years. Around 2012 we began working tirelessly with a business coach to guide us through every aspect of our business.

Sure, our business size has changed. We now have 16 employees, 4 service trucks and 2 pumping construction crews.

But our business growth goes beyond us, extends through our employees, and culminates in the relationships we have built with our customers.

Over time, our business had an effect on us, our employees, our clients, and an entire community. At its core, the success of our business is ultimately about helping others.

Helping Our Employees

Through years of hard work, we have diversified by setting a positive and fun work environment for our employees. We attract good, honest, hard working workers who possess good attitudes and high standards of professional workmanship.

We strive for a work environment where employees feel valued and we all work together as a Team.

Working together, we set goals and milestones to accomplish our business and employee job related goals, as well as personal goals.

Helping Our Customers

We have implemented concepts of giving without expecting anything in return. We regularly reach out to employees and customers and ask them what’s going on in their lives. We share our insights and expertise. We want our customers to hire us after seeing what we can do, not just being told what we can do.

We chose to embrace a unique opportunity to show our community a different side of our company that aligns our business with our personal values. That insight lead Treasure Valley Plumbing to a position where we have been able to build deeper relationships in both our personal and our professional networks.

Without a relationship, it is a leap of faith for someone to invest in our service – a chance on a company you have never worked with. We’d rather offer to help you from the moment we meet you.

Our Humble Request and Deepest Gratitude

Our desire is for you to remember our conversations and our enthusiasm to help you and humbly request that you simply pass on the word about our services if the occasion ever arises.

We are grateful to all of you, our loyal customers, who have placed your trust in us. We hope we will always live up to your highest expectations of Customer Service. We promise to make a point to listen so that you will know that you provide us with value, too. Thank you.


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